A day out
OK, lets start with the easiest. A day out. This can be such a joy especially if you spend the majority of your time in your home resting in bed etc.
FIRSTLY If you are offered a day out with friends, think about it seriously. Your friends have most probably taken as much into account regarding your situation and helping you as they can. Hopefully, they have considered the main obstacles that they can think of such as ‘will my car accommodate his/her wheelchair’ and ‘does the place we’re going have steps everywhere not supplemented with slopes’. In fact, they probably think that they have every base covered with those two things. Job done!
We know that these big things are important, but having lived with MS we know that there are many more things needed fir a fuss free day out.
It can be quite a checklist to make a day our manageable or even possible. This is where a little preparation by you can make all the difference.
The first thing to say is to be brave and if you have ANY concerns about the day out discuss them with your friends. If they invited you, they want you to come and want you to enjoy it!
Part of my checklist can include different things depending on what has been planned including; the type of food and drink is suitable for you (let them know what type of food etc and also explain simply the reasons so that they understand that it isn’t you just being precious.
Are you going far, will it be a long drive which brings out an important item – comfort breaks! Etc etc. It’s pointless me continuing the checklist because it depends upon YOUR particular needs and the type of trip you are going out on. As you know everybody's journey with MS takes them a different route with different needs along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask the pertinent questions to make everyone's day out enjoyable. It can even help your friends understand a little more of the type of planning needed in case they want to take you out again!

It is important that if you are asked out please take following three things into consideration.

1. Do you WANT to go? If not don’t feel embarrassed to say no, only you know if you can cope with it. Obviously be polite in your refusal because that leaves opportunities to have a day out. Maybe tell your friends the sort of activities or places you can and would enjoy.

2. If on the day of the trip you feel pretty rubbish, let them know and cancel going for yourself.

3. Don’t be bullied, pressured or guilt tripped into going. I’m sure that they are only trying to ‘help’ you but be strong and stick to your guns!

Hmmm I thought that this was going to be a short entry, it just goes to show what happens when you try to explain what seems simple simply!!!

Next time going away for longer than a day.