Flying abroad 2

MONEY SAVING TIP!!! If you use a mobile to call the airlines, install an app called Weq4u. If you dial using this app and end up stuck in a phone queue they will disconnect you and you get a phone call back from Weq4u which says ‘we’ve found you an agent’ and you are reconnected! Another bonus of this system is that 0870 and 0845 calls are charged as normal minutes from your account. The app is free, you only get charged your normal minutes which is in many contracts free if you have unlimited minutes! Even better it’s the company who put you on hold in the first place are charged for the service. Go to to read about it. Please note that this is a UK only service, 

When booking your break make sure that you book any disabled equipment you are taking on holiday with you. Tell them about oxygen cylinders or other equipment considered as dangerous air cargo so they can try to accommodate it for you. Make sure that ANY battery powered equipment such as an electric wheelchair or a battery buggy etc has DRY CELL BATTERIES such as the Lithium Polymer or Lithium Ion. If you want to take equipment with a wet cell battery to power it (similar to a car battery) the chances are that they will NOT fly it regardless of how important the equipment is to you if (as most do) your airline considers wet cell batteries as dangerous air cargo. If in doubt first check with the manufacturer or whoever services your stuff and then you have accurate information on the battery fitted to yours. You can hire buggies etc in many other countries but it can take a sizable lump out of you spending money. They will ask you for the dimensions of your equipment/buggy/wheelchair. This isn’t to know how much to charge you but so that they can leave a ‘hole’ big enough to fit it in the hold because there are size restrictions depending on the aircraft carrying it. If they try to charge you for carrying it, explain that it is illegal to charge for up to 2 pieces of disabled equipment. If they argue it, stick to your guns and gently repeat that simple statement. Here is a comment from the government web site regarding this:-
Obligations on aviation transport providers
Aviation passenger rights provide that assistance suitable to the passenger’s needs must be provided without any cost to the passenger at the airport as well as on board the aircraft. This includes, but is not limited to:
· assistance at check-in and with baggage
· help storing and retrieving baggage
· support throughout the emigration, customs and security procedures
· moving to the toilet facilities if required
· transport of up to 2 pieces of mobility equipment in addition to medical equipment