Flying abroad 3

OK, next. European airport assistance. This is so that you will be helped from booking in your baggage, moving around the airport if you don’t have your own wheelchair with you, help at the boarding gate, getting to your seat if needed. Also the same will happen at your destination airport. If you are going to a country out of Europe, check that country’s rules via your tour operator what services you will be supplied with on arrival and departure there.  but in the reverse order. If you need airport assistance because of reduced mobility make sure you book it at least 2-3 days before you go or at the same point as when booking your flight or holiday. Despite its name, you book it through your travel agent or airline. If you need one you should be supplied with a manual wheelchair.
If you cannot get to your designated seat (from the aircraft door) then when booking airport assistance tell them this and book an aisle chair. This is a narrow, specially designed wheelchair that can fit between the seats in the aisle. This means that you are assisted right to your seat and lifted into it by the airport assistance staff.

Story time. 
A few years ago my son lived in Tajikistan. We were going out to visit him. It was pointless trying to talk to the airline or airport to find out what sort of assistance they offered so we asked our son {by VERY crackly phone}. In reply he explained that 1. There were only steps to alight the aircraft, there was then a 0.5mtr concrete block wall and a 0.5mtr wide and 1 mtr  wide deep channel to also navigate before you got into the airport courtesy of when the Soviet Union ruled the roost, they just hadn’t got round to sorting it out yet, Next the journey to his home. It was a ‘sort’ of taxi which would be around 40 yrs old that could take 3 people or 2 people plus baggage on a 6 hour journey including mountain side hair pin bends without guard rails, filled with his chickens (sometimes) etc etc etc. At this point Victoria (the Boss) decided to take a friend instead of her husband (me). Of course I protested long enough to sound convincing and then magnanimously gave her permission to go with her friend. Boy did I sound convincing – yeah right!
I’m sure you get the idea that sense and wisdom need to be applied if you are thinking of taking such an ‘off piste’ type holiday.

One final thing.
If that is anything you’re not sure of, FIND OUT don’t wing it (ha ha) check once check twice and then check once again!  If you read the other 2 going away blogs, I know, becauz I rit them that there are parts of those that can be incorporated into a fly away holiday.

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