I’m in a wheelchair and so I thought that this was a good ‘mid-level’ of disability to report on. I can’t walk at all, I can stand to transfer, cohesive thought and planning ahead are challenges as well as excessive fatigue which exacerbates all of the above. Ah poor, poor me. There there. I said that to get it out of the way. When I was an RAF grow bag (you can FaceBook PM me at @msmuscle or email me at ms-muscle@protonmail.com to find out what that means)

We used to have a saying but, being RAF speak, I have replaced the two expletives, but the sense of it is still there.

It was “if you’re looking for sympathy it’s between shoe and symphony in the dictionary. Go figure.” What it has meant to me is that that is one emotion I am never trying to extract from anybody for anything I write or say. I can and do on the other hand feel both sympathy and empathy for others with MS. But it’s just a one-way street.

I accept help, assistance, red wine, food or free tickets to the theatre but I’m afraid sympathy is wasted on me.

Anyway, in this blog entry is a rest from my humdrum life talking about dripping boiled egg down my best T-shirt.

So here goes. At the date of writing this bit of the site (December 18 2018) I’m 60 years old but at this time I am a full time wheelchair user. My upper body has so far been spared much of the weakness caused by MS, I have the memory of a fish

I know where to get food but it’s cooked for me by my beautiful wife.

I know where my clothes are but am helped to get dressed by my beautiful wife.

I’m pretty untidy but am still practicing  at being tidier. Anything I can’t do is cleared by my beautiful wife

I still meet with friends, have doctors or neurologists appointments even go for meals out (that’s a blog page on itself!), But if I forget any of them I am reminded by my beautiful wife.

Oh yes, did I tell you I have been for married for 31 years and am still married to a beautiful woman? (I hope she reads this :-)

Hobbies. I like painting using acrylic painting of scenery, still life and off the wall stuff as well. . I have two drones (one just RC with one camera and the other with optical flow positioning, GPS, height hold and two cameras; one downward looking and one forward looking. Auto takeoff and one key return home and auto land. Guess which one I crash the most ha ha ha!

I am also a geek who can’t leave any tech untouched be it cameras, computers, toys with buttons etc.etc.etc  Those that know me know my passion for such stuff but (I do love buts) my passion for tech is completely reversed if it is pushed out by the marketing machine who wants to charge too much for its stuff, tie you in to ridiculously priced brand only expensive tat which come as standard in most other tech companies offerings. Al of the above it precluded by the world allegedly because I don’t believe it would be below them to sue me for every penny I’ve got (all 75p of it). Yeah Apple leave us ignorant Android/Microsoft loving but financially savvy hoi polloi to bathe in our open markets!

Oops! But you get the idea by reading through the lines on that last paragraph.

I’m leaving space below for additions to this page. Lets face it we ride through time so I’m being forward thinking!