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The MS Muscle blog is for anybody who is interested in, has, or knows someone with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). My aim is to write an honest but mainly lighthearted blog about me living with MS.
It is real, sometimes personal and sometimes describes what is good as well some of the disadvantages of living with this unwelcome but un-evictable house guest.
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Why did I call it the Muscle Blog?
Two reasons really. Firstly even so the brain is not a muscle, it is the bodies control centre. Everything that we do, not do or think  has its origins in the brain. Without it we are nothing. We cannot think, move, have any memory, character or get angry at a person or love a person.
Basically we are dead. You have probably heard of the people in a permanent vegetative state (PVS) This means that the brain is keeping the body alive be telling the heart, liver, kidneys plus all other bodily functions functioning the bit of your brain that is YOU, ME or ANYBODY else is dead, not doing anything that is connected to ones consciousness, being, everything to do with consciousness.
Consider people having a stroke. That it when someone's brain has has blood leaked from a burst vessel. This will damage a part  of the brain. If the damage is not enough to totally damage the brain and kill it then very odd symptoms can arise. This can vary from paralysing limbs to affecting ones speech or memory, sense of smell or site. This shows the intricacies of the brain and how vital it is for life.
As you probably know MS affects the brain and spinal chord which is an out post of the brain and is also an important part of the brain governing  functions like movement of ones arms and legs.
Because of the importance of the brain and spinal chord, it needs to be exercised like a muscle by reading, thinking, doing hobbies such as writing a blog or maybe painting or playing a muscle instrument. Although this isn't a physical exercise it DOES exercise the brain, help it to make electrical connections within the brain and help improve ones life. So MU(ltiple) SCLE(ROSIS) Exercise the green to help fight the red.
This blog won,t only be about MS or even my life. As well as some of those there will be lots of other things written about. It,s about life, my take on it and some conclusions. It isn't rhetorical so please comment on it. I love debate, disagreement and even insults (from you to me so but not vice versa)

This is an MRI scan showing the 'plaques' or scars caused by MS 
and responsible for the symptoms

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